Friday, December 17, 2010

scarry news??

salam semua....cik laa nk share someting nie,,,,xtaula cite nie bt0l kew xx,,,
yesterday cik laa have a class wif miss afni..then she tell my class dat a scarry news,,,,
start wif like this,,,,yesterday she had a meeting wif a administarator,,then in the meeting, she was suprised by a news dat a student or pre lawrian should get a band 5 in order to further our studi to a degree level!!! di u noe dat????huhuh....cik la felt so give up wif dis news...n i was set my mind dat i would ever achieved my ambition,,!!ever???so sad..but its not only me dat was upset wif dis news but otherwise also..yeala yg band 4 blOm tntu dpat inikan band 4...mulut2 jahat cakap awat xamek tros band 6....hahahha..ayat yg xboleh blah..!!!
then last nite line tok spa form is too bz,,huhuh..mostly bdop2 asasi pakat2 dok isila,,,nk crik jlan lbih slmat mne tau nanti tanah dis news memg da jd tanah runtuh tok akla,,,,,
ak xhabaq ag dis news kt my mom,,nati ak blik,,,huhuhu....
k la cik laa nk ronda2 pk jalan yg ag bek,,
nanti cik laa smbung ag enk,,,

p/s : nk jd doctor pom juz band 3 or band 4!!!

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