Monday, December 6, 2010

my superb class rep???

salam semua warga cik laa,,,
cik laa ad nk cte tp cik laa mlas nk menaip,,,
right now, cik laa has a plan,, i want to suprise my superb class rep of cik laa's class,,,
do you all know her?? i think you all knoe her cauce she is one of famous student in part 2,,
unfortunately sorry to say, she will not become one of our hicom!!!, but she said next year she will do it,,hahahha,,only kidding!!!
cik laa nak habaq ag,she also have a high volume of laugh!!!
ad rupa xx mcm spe222???
but2,,,she would never become my challenger,,huhuhu...
kerot dahi ciklaa crik idea??
n her besday will be next saturday,,i want do something suprise and cik laa is glad to have dis celebration,,i think i want create like what my frenz, leyka did to her fren,,but its too dirty n i feel pity to my class rep!!,,,hahah,,futhermore a superb class rep should have a superb celebration for her besday!!,,can u guest n think what should i do to her??? her bestie fren want dis besday will be forget n will be memorize,,,,'n most thing famous that always be used during besday time here is flour!!!,i would like to add EGG?? do you think it is superb???hahahha,,,its smell are already known!!hahhahah,,,i feel happy to see dat!!,,i will use it!!
k la now cik laa want to stop luu,,,mau think2 dat idea dat shold i used!!hhhuuu,,,
n for the theme i think isss SUPERB!!
k wait for cik laa story again about dis next day,,,huhu,,,

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